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Dink isn’t the only one with a bit of hypocrisy running through him!

Haven’t ordered your copy of our awesome book yet? I know, it’s because you as a discerning comic fan, want to have your collection of strips signed. Well, wait no longer!
Not only can you get it signed, but you also get a character sketch by Graham Nolan inside the book. Add to that, over 180 hilarious full color comics and you can’t go wrong for a mere $25. And did I mention shipping was free?
Order yours today!

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The first collection of Sunshine State strips will be coming your way soon. The book is formatted and ready to go. I’m working on the cover and shopping around for printers. I’ll keep you all posted as we move through the process.

Greetings Sunshine State fans,
Are you a big fan of newspaper comics, or do you know somebody who is? Then this might just be the book you’ve been looking for.
There’s a big, new comic book in town called
The New Classics – 21st Century Comic Strips and Sunshine State is a part of it. This book is 148 pages and includes four pages of comic strips from 36 incredible cartoonists (including Sunshine State). That’s over 400 comic strips! The best part is – all proceeds from the sale of this book will go to help promote these wonderful comic strips (including, you guessed it…SUNSHINE STATE) to newspapers across North America.
The book is available now and will ship in time for Christmas. No waiting in long lines at the mall either. To order direct from the printer, please click here:   
Please pass this along to anyone you know who loves comics, and help Sunshine State spread it fun and whimsy all over the world. Well, the newspaper comics world anyway.
With warmest Holiday wishes,

My graphic novel, MONSTER ISLAND is now available for pre-order. This is an all ages appropriate story that would make a great gift for kids, grandkids or yourself!
It’s only $9.99 and that includes shipping! Now I ask you, where else can you find such monstrous fun for so few shekels?

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“…nothing remains quite the same”.

Jimmy Buffett wrote those great lyrics many years ago and they still hold true. Change is in the wind for SUNSHINE STATE as well as this will be the last “daily” post of the strip for a while as I make adjustments to the ever changing comic strip market.

Let’s face it, the daily newspapers are in the toilet. They are slashing the comics pages and cutting corners wherever they can. The good news is that weekly and free (advertiser supported papers) are thriving!

We picked up a bunch of papers right out of the gate, but of all the papers only one was a daily. Since October, I’ve been producing a daily strip for only one paper! Not economically feasible.

Now, before we all get depressed thinking this is the end of Mel and Dink and the gang…fear not! This is just the end of the beginning. Efforts are being focused now on the weekly Funnies Extra papers which I think just might be the future for print comics. If all goes well with the Funnies Extra launches then we will refocus our attentions on the traditional daily papers. We’re hoping to be able to begin that process by the end of summer.

In the meantime, I will be putting together the past years strips into book form and over the next 6 weeks, here on the website, I will run many never before seen SUNDAY comics which I think you will get a kick out of.

Like a batter in a slump you make adjustments at the plate to stay in the game. The game is still on and we are only in the bottom of the first so stick around gang. The best is yet to come!

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